Violence against women is one of the most pervasive violations of human rights in the world, one of the least prosecuted crimes, and one of the greatest threats to lasting peace and development.

Violence against women in various forms is a global pandemic that affects 1 in 3 women in their lifetime. Does this not send chills down your spine? Then, why is there no action when women’s bodies are a battleground and rape is used as a tactic of war.

We believe that our cultures are rich with love and solidarity, and it is upon these values that we must build to curb this epidemic of violence against women .How long would each human need to decide on   raising a tombstone over this atrocity?

 What's The Temperature of Violence?

Can you think of the beaten body?

 Lying scarred against the stain ridden wall on the floor

Or soldiers pulling out fingernails, of a young woman shot dead?

There's yet another story revealing years of bitterness,

The cold turning of the shoulder, the look that erases you-

Oh Woman- is this you?

What is the temperature of Violence?

That of Fire or Boiling oil,

Or the great northern boulders of ice?

The world talks of equality laden safe living

While those are commodities she yearns for

Violence in physical form and beyond

Whose fault is it that she's born a woman?

 She freezes in her Tortured Emotions -- Then she goes numb.

Every day she wakes up with fears of abuse

From her pillows so   wet with last night's tears

Why is the world so bitterly cruel?

Hey, Man--Is the woman your frustration's fuel?

A thousand resolutions for equality are passed

New laws are spun often -but where lies her safety?

Why can't the world stop for a minute?

To turn this crucible of pain to peace?

She’s not a threat to this human race

Then why is it an ordeal for her to survive?