The course on Advance Search covers all modules of the intermediate levels of Adwords Campaigns that will help in understanding the strategies of online marketing and value of searching in advertising. In this course you will learn about advanced tools and its applications- starting from different Adwords formats available in Google

Ad Formats:
  • Text ad
  • Tips for creating successful text ads
  • Using stand-alone shopping ads for your products
  • Set up your regular Product Listing Ads campaign
  • Using Dynamic Search Ads
  • Create targets for Dynamic Search Ads
  • Location Extensions
  • Enhance your ad with extensions
  • Show ads with your Google+ page endorsements
  • Link Google Places and AdWords
  • Benefits of using Google Places
  • Add phone numbers to your ads
  • Show seller ratings with your ads
  • Show additional links below your ad text
Ad & Site Quality:
  • Check and understand Quality Score
  • Create an effective mobile site
  • About invalid traffic
AdWords Tools:
  • Overview of AdWords tools
  • See your account history
  • Keyword Tools
  • Targeting Tools
  • Bidding and Budgets Tools
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • AdWords Editor
Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Introduction to AdWords Reporting
  • Introduction to AdWords Reports
  • Exploring your data options
  • Customize your performance data
  • Use columns to find specific performance data
  • Create, save, and schedule reports
  • Find, edit, or delete reports
  • Interpreting AdWords Reports
  • Account, campaign, and ad group performance
  • Evaluating ad performance on the search network
Optimizing Performance:
  • The Opportunities tab
  • Campaign Experiments
  • Using custom ad scheduling
  • Using keyword insertion
  • Get ideas to improve your account
Performance, Profitability, and Growth
  • Understand budget impact on profit
  • Scaling budget by performance
  • Growing a profitable campaign
  • Growth in Practice
  • Bidding for Performance
  • Learn the basics of performance-based bidding
  • Selecting metrics to maximize profit
AdWords API
  • AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Benefits and languages
  • About AdWords API Versioning
  • Using AdWords API



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