The Querying PostgreSQL Databases course from Koenig offers insightful training on intermediate level querying of SQL using PostGreSQL. PostgreSQL or just Postgres, is a relational database that is open source. This ACID-compliant RDBMS is available for various platforms. It is completely transactional in nature and chiefly employs the SQL:2008 standard. PostgreSQL has extensible data types, functions, operators, aggregates, index methods, procedural languages, and a lot of extensions by third parties.

Course Objectives :

This SQL course is designed to help IT professionals extract data from Postgres relational databases. Students can look forward to learning how to create complex SQL queries and PostgreSQL functions. This course is ideal for those professionals whose job roles require them to perform data analysis and reporting. Whether you are new to SQL or have prior experience and are only looking to strengthen your knowledge, this SQL training is suitable for you.

Following is the overview of topics covered in this training:
  • An Introduction to concepts of database and RDBMS
  • Introduction to SQL and PostgreSQL
  • Querying, Filtering and Retrieving Data
  • Creating Tables and Ensuring Data Integrity
  • Manipulating Data in Tables
  • Working with Views, Subqueries and Functions

Gain unparalleled expertise through this PostGreSQL course which is highly practical and focuses on creating and coding SQL scripts textually.



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