The 50 hrs training program wil help the learner to explain varuois tools and techniques used by c programmers.on completion of the training , a learner will have good understanding on concept of datatypes, control statements,functionction,structure,pointer,dynamic memory allocation,luinked list,stacks, queues,sorting and searching.

chapter 1-C History,Datatypes,Operators.

Chapter 2-control statemants and looping.

chapter 3- functions in c.

chapter 4-structures.

chapter 5- pointer and dynamic memory allocation.

Chapter 6-Introduction to data structures.

chapter 7-built in data structures .

chapter 8-Linked list.

chapter 9-Stacks.

chapter 10-queues.

chapter 11 -sorting and searching

50 hours

No experience requirea,basics of c programming would be more helpful.



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