Software Testing

Module1: Software Testing Concepts
Software, Software Development Process
Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
Software Process Models
Software Testing, Wrong Assumptions
Software Testing Process
Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC)
Testing Techniques
Levels of Testing
Types of Testing
Reviews & Code Walkthrough
Defects, Types of Defects
Bugs, Buggy, Bug Tracking
Bug Report, Bug Life Cycle
Quality Principles
Project Management
Configuration Management
Test Matrices
Module2: Manual Testing
Manual Testing Concepts
Test Plan Preparation
Converting Requirements into Specifications
Test Case Design
Generating Execution Steps
Test Data Input
Writing the Expected Result
Executing The Test Cases
Writing the Actual Results
Writing the Final Results
Bug Tracking
Analyzing Test Result
Generating the Test Report

Module 3: Test Scripting Languages
Visual Basic Script (VBScript)
C Script
4Test Language
Script Control Language (SCL)
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Module 4: Automation Testing
What is Automation Testing?
Automation Testing VS Manual Testing
Benefits of Automation Testing
Automation Testing Tools
Win Runner
Load Runner
Quick Test Professional (QTP)
Test Director (Quality Center)
Rational Robot
Silk Test
Open STA