Personality Enhancement

Kalvi Higher Education and Research Institute is an unique institution specializing in the behavioral enhancement of the Personnel at all levels in Business Organizations and Government Offices. Kalvi Higher Education and Research Institute values human assets more than any other assets. Married couples and college students too benefit immensely from our programmers.

Kalvi believes that a person will be able to understand other persons and situations only to the extend he understands himself. Our emphasis is on reclaiming SELF for better empowerment.The training helps them to get in depth to their psychological insight and understand where they are and where they wanted to go to reach their success.

At Kalvi Higher Education and Research Institute, emphasis is given on not only making you academically brilliant, but to develop as a leaders and team players.

Special sessions are held on Business etiquette, Leadership skill,Decision making skill,Team Building,Negotiation skills and Effective communication.

The Programs are specially customized as per the corporate requirement.