This course will introduce you to the general features and capabilities of Oracle Database 11g Release 1 for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). You'll learn how to install and administer Oracle Clusterware and more.

Learn To:

  • Install Oracle Clusterware and Real Application Clusters.
  • Administer a RAC Database.
  • Administer Database Services in a RAC environment.
  • Administer Oracle Clusterware.
  • Add/Remove a node to/from a cluster.
  • Patch Oracle Clusterware and RAC software.
  • Administer your Database in a Real Application Clusters environment using Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
  • Configure and use database services, along with the Load Balancing Advisory in a RAC environment.

Benefits to You

Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling smooth and rapid consolidation within your Datacenter.

Add & Remove Nodes in Clusters

This course will also teach you how to add and remove nodes in clusters. Learn how to patch both Oracle Clusterware and Real Application Clusters software in a rolling fashion.

This course is appropriate for a 10g audience, too. There are few minor changes between 10g and 11g features.


  • Identify Real Application Clusters components
  • Install, create, administer, and monitor a Real Application Clusters database
  • Use configuration and management tools for Real Application Clusters databases
  • Setup services for workloads management, and applications high availability
  • Develop a backup and recovery strategy for Real Application Clusters databases
  • Configure and monitor Oracle Clusterware resources
  • Review high availability best practices


5 Days

General understanding of database administration



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