This three-day MTA Training course helps you prepare for Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-388 and build an understanding of these topics: Understanding  Java fundamentals, Work with data types, variables, and expressions, Implement flow control, Performing in  object-oriented programming, Compile and debug code. This course leverages the same content as found in the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) for this exam.


The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is Microsoft’s newest suite of technology certification exams that validate fundamental knowledge needed to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies. This program provides an appropriate entry point to a future career in technology and assumes some hands-on experience or training but does not assume on-the-job experience.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Java fundamentals
  • Work with data types, variables, and expressions
  • Implement flow control
  • Perform in object-oriented programming.
  1. Understand Java fundamentals
    1. Describe the use of main in a Java application
    2. Perform basic input and output using standard packages
    3. Evaluate the scope of a variable
  1. Work with data types, variables, and expressions
    1. Declare and use primitive data type variables
    2. Construct and evaluate code that manipulates strings
    3. Construct and evaluate code that creates, iterates, and manipulates arrays and array lists
    4. Construct and evaluate code that performs parsing, casting and conversion
    5. Construct and evaluate arithmetic expressions
  1. Implement flow control
    1. Construct and evaluate code that uses branching statements
    2. Construct and evaluate code that uses loops
  1. Perform object-oriented programming
    1. Construct and evaluate a class definition
    2. Declare, implement, and access data members in a class
    3. Declare, implement, and access methods
    4. Instantiate and use a class object in a program
  1. Compile and debug code
    1. Troubleshoot syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors
    2. Implement exception handling
Course Contents Exam# Exam

Introduction to Programming Using Java

MTA Exam 98-388

Introduction to Programming Using Java

Total duration  

Candidates for this exam require instruction and/or hands-on experience (150 hours) with Java, are familiar with its features and capabilities, and understand how to write, debug, and maintain well-formed, well documented Java code.

This entry level certification is intended for application developers working with Java. The code used in the exam is Java SE, and the syntax used in this exam is compatible with Java 6 SE through the most recent release.



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