CCDE certifies advanced-level skills in network infrastructure design principles and fundamentals for large networks. CCDEs have proven their ability to develop solutions which address planning, design, integration, optimization, operations, security and ongoing support at the network infrastructure level.

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Recommended Training and Experience

Candidates must first pass a written qualification exam and then the corresponding practical exam.

You are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the topics in the exam blueprints, a minimum of seven years job experience, and a thorough understanding of networking infrastructure principles. You can review the exam preparation materials included on this page for more information.

Steps to Certification Step One: CCDE Written Exam

You must pass the two-hour, written qualification exam which covers advanced networking infrastructure design principles and concepts. Once you pass the qualification exam, you are them eligible to schedule the practical exam.

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  • Revision to CCIE and CCDE Written Exams Retake Policy (effective August 2, 2014)

Step Two: CCDE Practical Exam The CCDE practical exam an eight-hour exam that will test your ability to identify, manage, and create advanced solutions for large scale networks. You must pass the practical exam within three years of passing the written exam in order to achieve certification. Your first lab attempt must be made within 18 months.

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  • Revision to CCIE Lab Exams Retake Policy (effective August 2, 2014)
CCDE Written Exam (352-001) version 2.0

Exam Description

Cisco CCDE® Written Exam (352-001) version 2 is a 2-hour test with 90−110 questions that will validate that professionals have the expertise to gather and clarify network functional requirements, develop network designs to meet functional specifications, develop an implementation plan, convey design decisions and their rationale, and possess expert-level network infrastructure knowledge. The exam is closed book, and no outside reference materials are allowed.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

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There are no formal prerequisites for CCDE certification. Other professional certifications or training courses are not required.



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