With GroupWise 7.0 Administration (Course 3063), you''ll get an in-depth look at GroupWise 7 administration and hands-on experience performing many essential tasks. Starting with basic skills-such as installation and configuration-this course becomes gradually more complex, teaching you how to expand your system and manage GroupWise WebAccess, Messenger and Monitor.

Training Level: 2 - Intermediate

Key Objectives
  • During this course you will learn how to complete the following tasks:
  • Install and configure a basic GroupWise system on Novell Open Enterprise Server - NetWare
  • Administer and maintain a basic GroupWise system
  • Install, configure and optimize GWIA
  • Expand and monitor a GroupWise system
  • Install and configure GroupWise WebAccess and Novell Messenger
  • Install and configure a basic GroupWise system on Novell Open Enterprise Server - Linux
  • Whether you''re a GroupWise expert or new to the benefits of world-class collaboration, this course provides valuable instruction. The audience for GroupWise 7.0 Administration (Course 3063 ) includes a diverse group of professionals:
  • NetWare CNAs or those with equivalent experience
  • GroupWise system administrators, integrators and engineers
  • Networking consultants
  • Reseller and partner technical-support staff
  • New GroupWise customers
  • Course Testing Information
  • There is no exam related to this course.
  • Course Outline
  • This course covers a broad range of topics, some of which are listed below:
  • Installing and creating a basic GroupWise system
  • Performing GroupWise administration tasks
  • Maintaining a basic GroupWise system
  • Creating and adding GroupWise Post Office users
  • Identifying database and system maintenance issues
  • Installing and configuring GWIA
  • Optimizing and configuring additional GWIA properties
  • Expanding your GroupWise system
  • Maintaining an expanded GroupWise system
  • Installing and configuring GroupWise WebAccess
  • Monitoring the WebAccess Agent
  • Installing and configuring Novell Messenger
  • Optimizing Novell Messenger
  • Monitoring your GroupWise system via the Web
  • Running GroupWise Monitor reports
  • Expand Your System with GroupWise on Open Enterprise Server - Linux

Duration : 5 Days

Before taking this course, you should have an understanding of the following:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Foundations of Novell Networking (Novell course 3001 or 3016)
  • Novell Network Management (Novell course 3004 or 3042)

Equivalent networking experience-on either Linux or Windows-also provides the necessary background information for this course.



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