Candidates for this exam are partners who design the user experience for Windows applications. his exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam.

The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam.

  • Principles of Windows design (5-10%)
  • Navigation (5-10%)
  • Layout and UI elements (20-25%)
  • Snapping and scaling (10-15%)
  • Charms, contracts, and extensions (10-15%)
  • Tiles and notifications (10-15%)
  • Touch and animation (5-10%)
  • Accessibility and globalization (10-15%)
  • Windows Store (5-10%)
Principles of Windows design (5â10%)
  • Describe the Windows 8 design language
  • Select a "Great At" statement, user flows and features
Navigation (5â10%)
  • Describe the navigation patterns in Windows 8
  • Design a flat navigation pattern
  • Design a hierarchical navigation pattern
Layout and UI elements (20â25%)
  • Distinguish between content and chrome
  • Describe panning and types of panning
  • Describe the purpose of a grid and how to use a grid
  • Apply typography and branding guidelines
  • Describe the built-in UI elements
  • Design an app bar
Snapping and scaling (10â15%)
  • Describe the considerations for designing for different screen sizes and resolutions
  • Design for snapped state
  • Design for portrait view
Charms, contracts and extensions (10â15%)
  • Design for the settings, search and share contracts
  • Design a File Picker
Tiles and notifications (10â15%)
  • Describe tiles
  • Design tile notifications and badges
  • Describe the design considerations for using tiles
  • Describe toast notifications
  • Design a splash screen
Touch and animation (5â10%)
  • Describe the Windows 8 touch language
  • Describe the guidelines for touch design
  • Describe the guidelines for using animations
  • Apply the Windows 8 animation library
Accessibility and globalisation (10â15%)
  • Design for accessibility
  • Describe the guidelines for designing a global application
Windows Store (5â10%)
  • Design an application for monetisation
  • Publish an app to the Windows Store

Duration : 16 hours




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