This course focuses on various security-related aspects of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from a system administrator’s perspective. Topics covered include, cryptography, aspects for consideration when developing a security policy, as well as the configuration of Novell AppArmor, packet filters, application level gateways, and VPNs using IPSec.

Students will gain hands-on experience on how to administer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 on a broad range of topics from host security and network security to Novell AppArmor, packet filters, and VPNs.

Skills taught in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Security (Course 3075) enable you to:

Install and administer a computer running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 securely Configure Novell AppArmor Create a Certificate Authority and certificates
Set up a packet filter, an application level gateway, and a VPN gateway

This course covers a broad range of topics, many of which are listed below:

  • Understanding General Considerations and Definition of Terms
  • Applying Host Security
  • Using Novell AppArmor
  • Understanding and Using Cryptography: Basics and Practical Application
  • Applying Network Security
  • Implementing General Firewall Design
  • Understanding and Using Packet Filters
  • Configuring Application-Level Gateways
  • Setting up secure Virtual Private Networks
  • Utilizing Intrusion Detection and Incident Response

Duration: 5 Days

Course Code : 3075

3074 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Networking Services



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