This Course is the first in Novell CLE 10 curriculum developed for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. The attendees should be familiar with the topics covered in the three Novell CLP 10 courses (3071, 3072, 3073).

This course covers how to install and configure the services that are important in a typical enterprise network environment. It is therefore an important course to transition your skills from a system administrator to a network administrator.

What you will learn

Skills taughs in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10: Networking Services (Course 3074) enable you to:

  • Enrich and simplify your network by setting up elementary network services, like DNS, DHCP and Mail.
  • Monitor your network so that everything runs smoothly


This course is designed for students who want to learn to configure advanced network services on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. It is also ideal for those seeking the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10 certification. If you are seeking the Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10 certification, please note that you are required to complete the Novell Certified Linux Professional 10 certification first.

Duration : 5days

Course Code : 3074

Knowledge and skills included in the Certified Linux Professional curriculum (Courses 3071 v2, 3072 v2, and 3073 v2) are required before advancing to Course 3074 v2.



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