Android is an open source project of the Open Handset Alliance that has rovluntionized the user experience of a mobile device.Android is a platform for mobile devices,which includes as OS,middleware and some key application.The OS is based on a variant of unique and engaging user applications created by developers.

Chapter 01

        Android overview

 Chapter 02

        Android Architecture

Chapter 03

        Android SDK overview

Chapter 04

        Setup Android Development Environment

Chapter 05

         Android Application Fundamental

Chapter 06

          Main Building Block

Chapter 07

          User Infterfaces

Chapter 08

         Handling User Event

Chapter 09

         Notifing User

Chapter 10 

         Application Resoruce

Chapter 11

           Android System overview

Chapter 12

            Multimedia In Android

Chapter 13

           Data Sotrage

Chapter 14

             Security and Permissions

Chapter 15


Chapter 16

            Location and Map

Chapter 17 

            Basic Content Provider

Chapter 18


Chapter 19

            Broadcast Receiver

Chapter 20

            Intenet Filter

Chapter 21


Chapter 22


Chapter 23


Chapter 24







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