In computing C is a general-purpose programming lanuguage initially developed by Deniis Ritchie.Its Design Provides Constrcits that map effieciently to typical instructions, and therefore it has found lasting use in application that had formerly been coden in assembly language,most notably system software like the Unix computer operating syste.C is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time and many later languages of all time and many later languages have borrowed directly from C,including C++,C#,JavaScript,Perl,PHP and Unix's C shell etc.

Chapter 01

           Introduction to Programming Language

Chapter 02

           Data Types and Operators

Chapter 03

             Control Statements and Looping

Chapter 04


Chapter 05


Chapter 06

           Pointer and Dynamic Memory Allocation

Chapter 07

          Structure and Union

Chapter 08

           File Handling


50 hours


No prior Knowledge and experience not requried



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